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Our purpose




Our objective


"If nothing is done, in 50 years there will be no more argan tree in Morocco.

Moroccan farmers pull trees up to get fields back and make vegetables grow to the detriment of argan trees, of their traditions, and of the ‘Berbers' Gold’ !’








Presently, the World Trade Organisation is impeding the development of many small producers in developing countries due to overcomplicated and outdated international regulations which impede growth. Without going into ideology, it must be said that new focus should be placed upon producers in small markets, particularly in the developing world, because they are often operating in precarious and limited local markets.



The notion of Fair Trade is partly an answer to this. The most important aspect of this is to increase the openings for the disadvantaged producers inside the limits of a better regulated trade.




Our project is completely oriented towards this purpose.



Our commitment with an Argan oil producer from the area of Agadir has given us the opportunity to put into practice those notions of sustained development and fair trade. We have provided our producer with a working plant and together we have developeda distribution network which helps her sell her production at a higher price than the local prices.




The orange circle on the map delimits the production’s zone of Argan oil