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Natural and Organic Cosmetics

Anti-aging cream, with 20 % organic Argan oil


This anti-aging cream, with 20% organic argan oil, naturally slows the ageing process down.

It moisturizes and nourishes deep into your skin. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and in sterols, argan oil prevents from the drying up and the physiological ageing process in recreating the hydrolipidic film. It neutralizes the anti-free radicals and protects the connective tissue. The formula is enriched in natural tocopherols (Vitamin E), essential for the beauty of the skin. The Vitamin E is active against the anti-free radicals that cause the ageing of the skin. The formula is also enriched in softening, moisturizing avocado extract. This skin care contains also some glycerin from natural origin, with moisturizing properties.


Instruction for use : apply on a clean face and neck to give your skin a younger aspect.


Ingredients: aqua*-argania spinosa oil*(organic argan oil)-cetearyl alcohol*-glycerin*-Cetearyl glucoside*-persea gratissima extract* (avocado extract)-Tocopherol* (natural vitamin E)- glycine - Soybean oil* - benzyl alcohol- potassium sorbate- citric acid- sodium benzoate- sodium hydroxide- Dehydroacetic acid.


Formula without parabens or phénoxyéthanol.


Certified organic Argan oil.             





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